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We have developed our own set of Software Development Standards which we follow when carrying out software development projects for clients. Adhering to these enables us to confidently deliver secure, accessible and effective solutions.

1. Understand users’ needs & solve their problems

  • Carry out research to understand needs, including speaking to multiple departments
  • Build prototypes to test the hypotheses
  • Scope problems in the way users think
  • Split requirements into phases and solve main problem first

Why: To provide us with all the information required to confidently deliver a solution that works for you.

2. Make the solution simple to use & accessible to all

  • Simple language – making software that’s straightforward and doesn’t require complex user training, so it’s usable from the get-go
  • Intuitive and comprehensible regardless of platform or device
  • Ensure software is accessible to all – implementing the level of accessibility required by clients up to WCAG 2.1
  • Create a solution that is simpler than previous methods/software

Why: To ensure your users are fully engaged with, and all able to use, the solution.

3. Have a multidisciplinary team with a broad skillset

  • Development team with diverse skill and expertise
  • Different perspectives
  • Specialists in team
  • Access to a larger IT team including server infrastructure engineers, compliance/GDPR, network specialists, project managers, developers skilled in different languages

Why: To create an all-encompassing solution using a range of skills and perspectives.

4. Early visibility & agile ways of working

  • Get service in front of real users as soon as possible to understand how they use it
  • Continuous improvement, adapting to your changing requirements
  • Test with Stakeholders who have invested interest in the solution i.e., Managing Director, Finance Director, End User
  • Iterate and improve frequently

Why: To allow us to be flexible to adapt to emerging requirements.

5. Ongoing maintenance & improvement after go-live

  • Continual involvement in solution, we don’t disappear after go-live
  • Ongoing maintenance of components to ensure optimum service
  • Constantly working on and improving our solutions
  • Maintaining optimal security

Why: To continually provide ROI through collaboration.

6. Security at the forefront to protect users’ data

  • Implement the appropriate level of security necessary for the kind of information stored
  • We use static code analysis to look for vulnerabilities during development but can also employ third-party vulnerability and penetration testing
  • Well thought out architecture only using necessary personal data to make following GDPR simpler
  • Regular security review to see if software security can be improved, proactive in keeping your software secure

Why: To protect your critical data, and business.

7. Technology transparency and choosing the right tools

  • The wrong tools can cost you money, we only select the most innovative and future proof technology
  • Use open standards to enable the software to be adapted in the future
  • You own the intellectual property for your software/project
  • Constantly evaluate the technology, so we’re always using the most effective tools for your software

Why: To provide you with confidence in the value of your solution.

8. An assured, reliable solution

  • Business continuity – minimise service downtime and plan for downtime if it does happen
  • Deploy software changes regularly without significant downtime
  • Regular quality assurance testing
  • Appropriate monitoring in place and a plan to respond to issues identified

Why: To give you assurance of your ROI with a reliable service.