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Often, off-the-shelf software doesn’t quite meet the needs of your business. We only develop bespoke applications, tailored to our clients exact business requirements and scalable as your business grows. For most clients, a web application is the most suitable, however we’re also experienced in developing desktop applications and mobile apps. All of our bespoke applications are developed with security at the forefront.

web applications

Web applications

Web applications are programs delivered over the internet through a browser interface. These are the most common software requested by clients. Unlike desktop applications, web applications can be easily accessed from almost any device and operating system with internet access. Adopting responsive designs, a user experience that adapts appropriately to different devices, can often be achieved with minimal effort. The increased exposure of web applications has the potential to carry greater security risks, so it is essential that best practices are followed during the development process to mitigate those concerns.

desktop bespoke applications

Desktop Applications

Desktop applications are the more traditional approach to software and typically have to be installed onto your laptop or desktop to use. In most cases, these are developed to be used exclusively on a specific operating system common to the business’ available infrastructure. This is sometimes necessary in order for the applications to interact with hardware that would otherwise be inaccessible to an application running in a web browser, but it can also result in a more targeted user experience with reduced development effort versus the equivalent web application.

mobile bespoke applications

Mobile App Development

Not unlike desktop applications, mobile applications require installation to the device (commonly via a public “App Store”) and are often developed with a specific target platform in mind.  However, increasingly, cross-platform development frameworks are improving the ease of development of the same application for both iOS and Android devices.  These applications typically benefit from the ecosystems of each app store – access to automated payment services for in-app purchases & subscriptions and the added visibility that goes with presence on a global marketplace.

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