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Often businesses get stuck in their ways, using multiple spreadsheets or disparate applications day to day to carry out repetitive business tasks. Every business is unique, so why would you use generic off-the-shelf software? Having your own bespoke software developed could be a better solution. We develop software tailored to your business to streamline your operations.

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Our software development hub

MDS’ software development hub is based in Lancaster University and managed by one of our senior developers. It presents an exciting opportunity for graduates of the University and surrounding areas to be part of a new exciting team and have a real input in the growth of this branch of the business. We also have developers all of the country so we’re not location dependent.


Core fundamentals

Our software team focusses on pushing the industry forward by building software with these core fundamentals:

  • Security and performance as standard
  • Full application testing
  • Future-proof applications
  • Scalability out other box
  • Accessibility for all users

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Frequently asked questions

  • Do you outsource your development team?

    No. All of our software developers are full time members of staff at MDS Technologies working remotely across the UK. They have a combined experience working at MDS Technologies for 30 years.

  • What's the return on investment for bespoke software?

    Whilst a bespoke software solution can require substantial investment initially, you will reap the benefits in the long run. Find out more about the ROI of a bespoke software solution here.

  • How do you ensure your bespoke software is secure?

    Making sure our software is secure is a fundamental component of what we do, so our developers ensure security is built into the applications right from the design stage. Software applications often hold large amounts of valuable data which if compromised can be detrimental to a business. We always have our clients’ best interests which is why security is at the forefront of what we create.

  • What kind of applications can you develop?

    Our developers can build almost anything from a complex microservice application running every aspect of your day to day business, to a mobile-first web application to manage your personnel records. Our bespoke software solutions save clients valuable time and effort, you can find out more about how we did that for Calendar Manager here

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