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Cyber criminals are getting smarter, so your security needs to be stronger.

Ensuring your business is secure should be a priority. Security breaches in your IT can cause you to lose valuable time, money and customers. Our encryption services provide the security and uniqueness, used for communications across the internet in mobile telephony and WiFi, and for securing data wherever it’s stored, especially on mobile devices and desktop computers.

synchronised security

Synchronised Security: Cybersecurity as a system

Traditionally, security solutions were bought separately, often from different suppliers, this is no longer the most effective way. By using our partner Sophos for antivirus, firewalls, email scanning and more we can deliver a synchronised solutions. The individual products form part of a system that ‘talks to each other’, sharing information on threats and responding to incidents automatically.

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security - vulnerability scanning

Vulnerability Scanning

We provide vulnerability scanning (or penetration testing) to test your computer systems, networks or web applications in search of security vulnerabilities which could be exploited in a cyber attack. We can then use the report generated to make the necessary improvements to your IT to make sure your business is as secure as you can be.

What’s more, to achieve Cyber Essentials certification, you must perform this scanning on any external facing addresses that your office uses – this is because it allows you to spot weaknesses in your defenses.

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