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Modernising your IT often requires migration of services or data from one solution to another. Ensuring this is done securely, efficiently and with minimal disruption is crucial.

office 365 migration

Email Migration

The most common email migration we do here at MDS Technologies is migrating clients to Office 365 cloud based email.

There are many reasons for migrating to Microsoft Office 365 which include; better performance, better security and reliability, a tuned pay-as-you-use pricing model, and even better compliance with GDPR regulations.

How do I know what I need?

There are many different licenses available, which can be quite bewildering, but Microsoft have done this to enable you to choose exactly the right package for your specific business needs, both for cost-effectiveness now and planning for future business needs. A very important part of our service is helping you make the best choices for your business – we will always advise rather than just sell you stuff.

How does email migration happen?

Our managed email migrations are exceptionally smooth and trouble free. Whatever anyone else advises you, your staff do not need to lose any archives, contact information, or even any personalised settings, such as their own mail filtering rules.

If we manage your email migration, there will usually be very little interruption to your work. You might not even notice that the migration has happened at all.



Data Conversion, Replication and Migration

Here at MDS Technologies we can help you to move data:

  • from old hardware to new,
  • from one database platform to another,
  • from one application’s proprietary database to a new application,
  • from one vendor to another.

We clean, modify, verify, normalise and convert data from Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server, MySQL, Access, DB2, Btrieve and many other proprietary formats. We work with complex databases, in industries as diverse as:

  • A national sport’s membership, competition and ranking databases,
  • Manufacturing and other production environments,
  • Medical practice, including highly confidential records,
  • Arts and entertainment management,
  • Estate agency,
  • Video surveillance (huge data volumes!).

What’s more, we specialise in building web-enabled applications, and robust data exchange systems using XML-based techniques and are also compliant with GDPR and ISO 27001 certified.

So, if an application vendor says your data can’t be exported, talk to us before giving up!

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