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More often than not, businesses require a bespoke cloud solution which utilises on-premise, private cloud and public cloud services. A hybrid cloud solution enables you to reap the benefits of all three.

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Is a Hybrid solution right for me?

For organisations with complex infrastructures, adopting just one Cloud solution isn’t suitable. Perhaps your organisation wants to move to the Cloud but isn’t ready to migrate everything at once. A hybrid approach allows you to keep some of your hosting on-site and other elements on a public and/or private cloud. You can see what works for you and if necessary, migrate everything to the cloud later on.

BITC regularly combines private cloud solutions (Such as a Remote Desktop environment) with public cloud offerings (Such as Microsoft 365) to make a bespoke hybrid solution that’s best of breed and all managed by one single IT provider with the same level of resilience, security and support.


Benefits of a hybrid solution

  • Better security and privacy
  • Improved reliability
  • Great control
  • Cost and energy efficiency
  • Flexibility to scale up (and down)
  • Substantial upfront cost savings as no large investments in hardware
  • No geographical restriction to employees

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