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A broadband connection is now as important to an office as your chair. A fast, reliable connection facilitates a productive working environment.


How to get the best-fit broadband for your business


Different providers serve different places, and offices in city centres usually have far more options available than rural ones do. Most providers will quote you in most places, but some are probably a poor choice even if they are big brands.

Service Resilience

If you can operate with occasional outages, there are probably cheaper deals available than if you need rock-solid Internet access all the time. We can help you choose sensibly, and ensure you’re not locked into an unsuitable contract (either too expensive or too cheap!).

Contention and Throttling

This can be a real problem, the resource-sharing issues that blight domestic Internet connectivity are rapidly becoming a nuisance in commercial connectivity too. Not all fibre connections are the same!

leased lines

Leased Lines

With applications and work processes becoming more and more hungry for bandwidth, it’s no wonder requirements for a fast reliable internet connection are ever increasing. MDS Technologies offer leased line solutions that can provide all the features you require from your internet connection.

Benefits of Leased Lines

  • Collaboration: Leased lines have synchronous upload and download speeds meaning that data can be sent at the same speed as it’s received assisting with work collaboration in the Cloud.
  • Dedicated and uncontended: The line isn’t shared with anyone outside your business and so speeds aren’t affected by ‘peak’ times, allowing you optimum speeds at all times.
  • Reliability: Leased lines come with a robust SLA and is a high availability product with a “return to service” guarantee that often means a fault could be fixed in just a few hours.
  • Speed: ‘Superfast broadband’ is a term used to describe connection speeds of 24 megabits per second or higher. To give some perspective, one gigabit is the same as 1,000 megabits. This means the improvement to your connection speeds will be huge, improving your business productivity greatly.Leased

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