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MDS Technologies News – October 2019

Cybersecurity is certainly a hot topic no matter which business sector you are responsible for, and just where do you start in benchmarking your vulnerabilities.

In partnership with UKCloud we are pleased to offer the CyberScore™ testing and rating service. This is great news for our customers and will allow them to focus on delivering their core business, knowing that MDS Technologies are continually reviewing security best practices and threats.

CyberScore™ is a fully automated, rapid, and scaleable cyber security testing and rating service which enables users to discover their cyber security ‘score’ and generate high quality reports that help communicate and remediate vulnerabilities around the organisation and throughout the supply chain. The service provides a score based on the state of the vulnerabilities within your network and identifies key remediations and ranks and rates vulnerabilities so that you can decide on an acceptable level of cyber risk.

CyberScore™ works by scanning networks locally from the inside and externally across the Internet to generate a vulnerability score between 1-10 for internal networks, and A-F for Internet-facing systems. This score than acts as guidance for how vulnerable your network is, considering various factors such as the number, severity and nature of vulnerabilities found.  It also considers that your network is only as secure as your weakest host; a network of 100 hosts will score poorly even if only one of those hosts contains a critical vulnerability.