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Project manager

Being a project manager at MDS Technologies is one of the most varied, fast-paced and rewarding jobs I’ve had. Projects here tend to be shorter than at larger companies and I’ll typically be looking after several at once. As a result, the breadth of high-profile clients and technologies I’ve worked with in a short space of time is astounding.

Another great thing about working for an SME is that wonderful feeling that the work you do makes a real difference, both to the company and its customers. And with many of those being public sector, there’s also the satisfaction of doing work for the good of society as a whole.

I also really like MDS’s commitment to our training, both in terms of time and budget: I was Prince 2 certified when I joined but MDS has driven me to push boundaries and look into Agile Project Management methodologies as well, enabling us to be as flexible and adaptable as possible to answer customer needs.

Day-to-day, I form the link between the customers’ project and programme managers and our technical teams. I look after project resourcing, time planning, costing and risk management, from the moment we kick off through to successful customer signoff.

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