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Technology Services framework (RM1058)

Accelerate your digital transformation: From seamless transitions to smooth operation of your critical systems, our specialist capabilities enable you to deliver world-class public services.

Procure MDS services through the Technology Services framework.

Lot 1: Helpdesk/Service Desk

Lot 1 provides for a single point of contact between a service provider and users within an organisation.

Our Service Desk is available up to 24 hours day. It’s your single point of contact for Incident Management, Service Requests and any other queries relating to the services, infrastructure, platforms or applications MDS manages for you.

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Lot 4: Network and content security

Lot 4 covers tasks or processes related to network security which can include, but are not limited to, device management; monitoring and remediation; email security including anti-spam, anti-malware and IP filtering; network intrusion detection and prevention; asset classification and change management; data leak protection, and the creation of access control policies.

We provide a range of network security services, to keep your organisation and its critical data safe.

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Lot 5: Infrastructure and Platform, Maintenance and Support

Lot 5 covers management of infrastructure hardware and software operations, including server and storage systems, also the support of production applications, whether open source, developed in-house, or third party.

We can manage and support the infrastructure and platforms on which you can run your digital services.

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Lot 7: IT Infrastructure Transition Services & Delivery

Lot 7 aims to assist customers when they need to move, re-build or re-deploy IT services from one organisation to another. Service Transition also makes sure that changes to services and service management processes between existing and new service provider are carried out in a coordinated way.

When you transition critical IT services from in-house or another supplier to MDS, we’ll ensure the whole process is properly managed and runs smoothly. This includes both technical and service management changeovers.

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Lot 10: Backup and Data Services

Lot 10 provides for a remote, on-line or managed backup service providing users with a system for the backup, storage, and recovery of computer files.

We offer a range of managed backup services to safeguard your critical data.

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